Ryan Scott

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Ryan Scott
Friend of band / Character in T.H.I.S.
Date of Birth: April 2, 1983
Hometown: Rochester, MI
Current resident of: Ann Arbor, MI
Other Names: Crot Nasty, Tally Mail Ryan


Ryan Scott was a member of anonyMous with Joe & Rob. He used to go by the nickname: Crot Nasty (as seen in some very old videos). He has been a very close friend of Tally Hall's and I believe was a roommate of one of them (Joe?). Ryan was their first merchandise manager (who probably held other roles, too) and was in charge of sending out copies of Complete Demos and Chinchilla t-shirts when that's all they had for sale.

Ryan, along with Michael Anuzis, was instrumental in getting the band's music and videos spread around the internet.

Newer fans of Tally Hall may recognize Ryan from the Internet Show's "Questions Answered" segments. He opens letters sent in by fans and reads them. Occasionally, he finds the questions asked by fans less than satisfactory and asks his own questions to Tally Hall.

Ryan is featured in these four episodes of Tally Hall's Internet Show:

Ryan is featured in the following sketches from anonyMous's Sargasm:

  • Phone Home
  • Break It Down
  • Vroom
  • Last Pick (?)