Disney Junior Music: Lullabies Vol. 2

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Disney Junior Music: Lullabies Vol. 2
Released 2019
Length 19:39
Label Disney Junior Music
Producer Disney

Disney Junior Music: Lullabies Vol. 2 is an album of instrumental lullabies by Rob Cantor. It is the sequel to Disney Junior Music: Lullabies Vol. 1.


- The last track is an instrumental version of a song Rob has previously recorded for Disney Junior Music, Lullaby and Goodnight from Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes (Vol. 4)

Track listing

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Add a Little Fancy (Fancy Nancy Main Title)" Rob Cantor n/a 1:25
2. "Doc McStuffins Theme Song" Rob Cantor n/a 1:22
3. "A Great Ballerina" Rob Cantor n/a 1:22
4. "You're My Best Friend" Rob Cantor n/a 1:23
5. "When You Can Fly Again" Rob Cantor n/a 1:25
6. "Start Up Your Imagination" Rob Cantor n/a 1:22
7. "Let Love Light the Way" Rob Cantor n/a 1:22
8. "Find Your Inner Ghoul" Rob Cantor n/a 1:23
9. "I've Been There Buddy" Rob Cantor n/a 1:23
10. "Vampire Lullaby" Rob Cantor n/a 1:25
11. "Toyland" Rob Cantor n/a 1:26
12. "Ladybird, Ladybird" Rob Cantor n/a 1:25
13. "Lullaby and Goodnight" Rob Cantor n/a 1:23