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Studio Album
Released 2018
Length 9:12
Label BKYLN Records
Producer Andrew Horowitz

Etudes is an album of solo piano etudes written and performed by Andrew Horowitz. He originally wrote the pieces in 2003, and released a studio recording of them on 4/19/2018.

Sheet music is available on Andrew's producer website, [1]

Track listing

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Etude in 2nds" Horowitz n/a 3:26
2. "Blues Etude" Horowitz n/a 0:45
3. "Etude in 5ths" Horowitz n/a 1:45
4. "Fast Etude" Horowitz n/a 0:42
5. "12-Tones Etude" Horowitz n/a 2:40
6. "Pop Etude" Horowitz n/a 1:25
7. "Applause Etude" Horowitz n/a 0:35