Fate Of The Stars

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Fate Of The Stars
Written by Andrew Horowitz
Appears on Good & Evil
Sung by Zubin Sedghi, Rob Cantor, Joe Hawley
Genre Rock
Language English

Fate of the Stars, originally Mind Control, is a song by Andrew Horowitz. It is one of the songs played at their residency shows at Union Hall in February, 2008. It was very well received, but considered a complex song. When asked after a concert about it's status, they said "some songs" need to be experienced through studio recording first. It is assumed they mean to record this song. By interrogation at the Ithaca show on March 5th, it was revealed that it was recorded in some form, but the title had changed (to the current one). It was supposedly recorded in 3 segments.


To leave from this tale follow closely ahead
Prepare to exist by the living & dead
Too slow or too kind or too wary of those too at ease

Past all the buried impressions of then
Sullen drawn eyes and expressions to mend
Continued through mirrors left broken to sing and be heard
Through when it seems all the senses are lost to absurd

So the part where we are
Trapped in active depart
In the fate of the stars
No not one who we are
No control pumping heart
Button pressed mind in art
Mind control
Mind restart

To leave from the present with no source of sound
They laugh because silence is never around
Ignored and forgotten the past may continue to breathe

Feared not a rest by this desolate friend
Whose patience revealed what intent comes to send
With a stare at a hole in the world comes a lust to be high
Above all the dark nested clouds that keep guard of the sky


Step onto the ferris wheel
Round for day & night
Lost in what's forever more
Complacent in its reasons for
Give & Take &
Sleep & Wake &
Pray for Day & Night to come
Again we see there's certainty in
What we feel and what we've heard
Again we see there's certainty in
Expectations all the same