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Written by Rob Cantor
Appears on Not A Trampoline
Sung by Rob Cantor
Duration 3:16
Genre Rock
Language English, Spanish

Flamingo is a song by Rob Cantor from his debut solo album, Not A Trampoline.

Rob said on his Facebook page[1]: "Flamingo is my favorite song on N.A.T. It's simple, it's absurd, and it features my friend and "Old Bike" video director Andrew Laurich saying the word "flamingo" over and over again. Plus, the ending reminds me of muppets. Good job, self!"


Laurich was also the first person to whisper "Shia LaBeouf" to Rob, which they found funny and Rob wrote Shia LaBeouf out of that.


✓ Marked Official
I feel like I might die a very happy man.
I feel like I can fly but I don’t think I am.
I feel like I’m a shy enormous pink flamingo man.
Time is passing by, so don’t lead me around.
One leg in the sky and one stuck on the ground 
Floating down a sea of breeze and sending out my sound.

For information about the spanish lyrics, please see the FAQ.

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