Going Purple

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Going Purple
Written by Rob Cantor
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Sung by Rob Cantor
Genre Pop
Language English

Going Purple is a song by Rob Cantor.


everything else

  • Used in the ending credits of “Startup” season 1 episode 4 on Crackle


Say yes, sex in a violet dress
Whatever pride I had is gone.
Obsessed, darling I must confess
I'll be the pawn you're praying on.

I could take this shit forever,
there's always room below.
The worse it gets, the better,
but it's better than alone.
I could take this hell forever.
I just can't let you go, go, go, go.

Suddenly I got a taste of you,
and I don't really mind going purple.
I go black, I go blue
from the way that you do,
and I don't really mind going purple,
going purple.