Happy Monster Band

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Happy Monster Band is an American Television Show aired on Playhouse Disney produced by KickStart Productions and Walt Disney Television Animation, The show centers on a group of preschool-age monsters that perform songs about friendship, love, exercising, chores, and other preschool related themes. Season 2 centers around the world.

Many, if not all of Tally Hall wrote and performed all the music for Happy Monster Band. The characters each have their own colors, not unlike Tally Hall. The characters and concept for the show were created by children's book author/illustrator, Don Carter.


Season 1[edit]

  1. I Will Be Your Friend
  2. Do The Monster Stomp
  3. Monster Hoe Down
  4. Dirty, Smelly Monster Chores
  5. Scare Up Some Fun
  6. I'm The Best At Being Me
  7. Do Re Me-Me-Me
  8. Even Monsters Cry Sometimes
  9. Get Up And Go Go Go
  10. Practice Makes Progress

Season 2[edit]

  1. At The Rodeo
  2. A Wonderful Time In France
  3. The Italian Way
  4. Yin & Yang
  5. Here In Australia
  6. In India
  7. Siesta Siesta
  8. Konichiwa!
  9. The Monster Tangle
  10. London Town