Hawaii: Part II

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Hawaii: Part II
Studio Album
Released 2012
Length 45:27
Label n/a
Producer Ross Federman, Joe Hawley, Bora Karaca

Hawaii: Part II is an album by ミラクルミュージカル and was released on 12/12/12, at 12:12:12 A.M. Four members of Tally Hall appear on this album: Joe Hawley, Ross Federman, Rob Cantor, and Zubin Sedghi. Bora Karaca also appears.

Guest and supporting artists include Lindsey Alvarez, Ryan Brady, Joel J. Dahl, Madi Diaz, Allison Hanna, Gregory James Jenkins, Charlene Kaye, Stephanie Koenig, Andrew Kurtz, Shane Maux, Adrianne Nigg, Ashlee Renee, Stephan Wunderlich.

On May 19th, 2014, Joe released an album of Hawaii: Part II demos, outtakes, and instrumentals and called it Hawaii: Part II: Part ii.

You can currently purchase these albums by going to http://www.hawaiipartii.com.

Track listing

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Introduction To The Snow" Hawley Hawley 1:41
2. "Isle Unto Thyself" Hawley Hawley 3:47
3. "Black Rainbows" Federman, Hawley Madi Diaz, Hawley 2:30
4. "White Ball" Hawley, Karaca, Sedghi Sedghi, Stephanie Koenig 3:35
5. "Murders" Hawley Hawley 3:43
6. "Space Station Level 7 (宇宙ステーションのレベル7)" Hawley, Karaca Karaca 3:23
7. "The Mind Electric" Hawley Hawley 6:13
8. "Labyrinth" Hawley, Shane Maux, Charlene Kaye Shane Maux, Charlene Kaye 2:33
9. "Time Machine" Cantor, Hawley Cantor, Hawley 4:12
10. "Stranded Lullaby" Hawley, Allison Hanna Hawley 3:43
11. "Dream Sweet In Sea Major" Hawley, Karaca, Allison Hanna Hawley 7:00

Bonus Track listing

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Variations On A Cloud" Cantor, Hawley Cantor, Hawley 3:10