Hawaii Partii

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Hawaii Partii
Hawaii Partii Cover.jpg
Studio Album
Released 2015
Length 10:47
Label N/A

Hawaii Partii is a collection of 8-bit style songs based on Hawaii: Part II. It was released on bandcamp on December 31st, 2015.[1] It was originally released at Hawaiipartiipartii.bandcamp.com, but has since been moved to miraclemusical.bandcamp.com[2][3]

The album also acts as the soundtrack to the video game 'Labyrinth', which is based on the song of the same name.

The Miracle Musical facebook page commemorated Valentine's Day, 2018 by posting about the 8-bit version of White Ball, featured on the album.[4]

Track listing

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. ""Heaven"" Hawley N/A 0:02
2. "Stranded Lullaby (8-Bit)" Hawley N/A 1:11
3. "Labyrinth (8-Bit)" Hawley N/A 0:34
4. "宇宙ステーションのレベル7 (8​-​Bit)" Hawley N/A 1:11
5. "Murderers (8​-​Bit)" Hawley N/A 2:38
6. "The Mind Electric (8​-​Bit)" Hawley N/A 0:22
7. "White Ball (8​-​Bit)" Hawley, Karaca, Sedghi N/A 3:25
8. "Dream Sweet In Sea Major (8​-​Bit)" Hawley N/A 1:02
9. "Continue? (8​-​Bit)" Hawley N/A 0:22