Hidden In The Sand (Song)

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Hidden In The Sand
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Complete Demos, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Sung by Joe Hawley
Genre Rock
Language English

Hidden In The Sand, a song by Joe Hawley, appears as a hidden track on Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

The music video for Hidden In The Sand debuted at the end of the 10th episode of Tally Hall's Internet Show as a hidden music video to end the first season.


We were playing in the sand
And you found a little band
You told me you fell in love with it
Hadn't gone as I planned

When you had to bid adieu
Said you'd never love anew
I wondered if I could hold it
and fall in love with it too

You told me to buy a pony
But all I wanted was you


Played on ukulele (standard gCEA tuning).

D#m7: 6-6-6-6

Dm7: 5-5-5-5

B: 4-3-2-2

Bm: 4-2-2-2

G#m7: 12-12-12-12

D#m7 Dm7 Dm#7

D#m7 Dm7 Dm#7

B Bm

Right before it transfers to the oohs:

D#m7 G#m7

Then repeat initial chords.