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Written by Andrew Horowitz
Appears on sketches
Sung by Andrew Horowitz
Duration 2:33
Genre Rock
Language English

hummingbird is a song by Andrew Horowitz for his solo project, edu. It appears on its first album, sketches.


These lyrics are not official. Words in paretheses are questionable in accuracy. You may discuss lyrical possibilities in the Discussion page by clicking the Discussion link above.

Hummingbird you found me resting on my own
Leave me be I'm colored sad.
All the world's forgot me, left me all alone
Almost it's as if I'm mad.

Hear the way the sunset
Think we'll find tomorrow?
Do you think tomorrow's different than today?
Weary of my eyes I've
Tired many tries.
What is it you offer?
I'll take what you offer.

So we share a moment.
Is this not a sign?
Whistle up a rhyme or melody.
Both us move along 
Our unity create 
Two is quite a potent remedy.

What is it we'll find here?
Why'd you even come here?
What would make you want to stay?
Where is it you're off to
Curious of wonder
Maybe I could join you?
Leave myself behind.

(Look us sit) and witness turning of the leaves
Fallen snow and death be had.
Stuck here in my roots we hold into the breeze
This is why I'm colored sad.
If you have the answer
Where I might belong to
Point to where I'll find my peace.

If you father pride
A sense of what you're after,
Is not what you're after 
Always just the same?

Hummingbird who share in
Death be all but known,
Flutter into sweeter times.
Tell me that I'll be there
Observed and observing
Father of the future times.