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  |title = In Memoriam
  |title = In Memoriam
|albumart = Not-a-trampoline-midres.jpg
  |writer =  Rob Cantor
  |writer =  Rob Cantor
  |singer = Rob Cantor
  |singer = [[Rob Cantor]]
  |album = [[Not A Trampoline]]
  |album = [[Not A Trampoline]]
  |duration = 1:11
  |duration = 1:11

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In Memoriam
Written by Rob Cantor
Appears on Not A Trampoline
Sung by Rob Cantor
Duration 1:11
Genre Rock
Language English

In Memoriam is a song by Rob Cantor off his debut solo album Not A Trampoline.


Rob Cantor and Alan Alda

The song is a eulogy for actor Alan Alda, although as of the time of the song's release, Alan Alda is still alive. A Photoshopped image of Rob Cantor and Alan Alda appears in the Not a Trampoline booklet, with permission from Alda[1]. The Photoshopped image was created by Bora Karaca.


You were such an inspiration
And your legacy will carry you on
But when I see you on the screen
I still can’t believe you’re gone

You will live in blessèd mem’ry
And we’ll think about you everyday
For you taught us so much
In every single role you played

Alan Alda, rest in peace
May your soul find some release
Alan Alda, we won’t forget you