Inside The Mind Of Simon

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Inside The Mind Of Simon
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on N/A
Sung by Joe Hawley
Genre Fabloo/Wonky Rock
Language English

Inside The Mind Of Simon, a song by Joe Hawley.






Inside the Mind of Simon
Joe Hawley

Resident Simon, how do you plead
We'll need your testimony on the stand
Solemnly swear to summon your story
Tell the truth and raise your right hand

Resident Marvin let me explain
My brain has claimed its glory over me
I've a good heart, i may be insane
Please mend my mind and let me go free

All my towers crumble down
The flowers gasping under rubble
Shouting in the hall of lull
My demons quench my thirst for trouble

Scattering sparks of thought energy
Deliver me and carry me away
Here in my kingdom, i am your lord
I order you to cower and pray

All my monks were chanting as
The lighting struck my temples
And electric shocks destructed places
Said they read it on my face

And swirling down your majesty
I beg of thee have mercy on me
I was just a boy you see
I beg of thee have sympathy for me

See how the serfs work the ground
And they give it all they've got (x3)
Till they're down (ha ha ha ha)

See how the brain plays around
And you fall inside a hole
You couldn't see
And you fall inside a hole inside a
Someone help me
Understand what's going on inside my mind
Doctor i can't tell if i'm not me

When it grows light the particles
Start to marvel how they made it through the night
Never they ponder whether electric
Calming if you look at it right