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  |title = Introduction To The Snow
  |title = Introduction To The Snow
  |albumart = <!-- The filename of the (obviously already uploaded) photo, such as hello.jpg (optional) -->
  |albumart = Hawaiipartii-cover2.jpg
  |writer = [[Joe Hawley]]
  |writer = [[Joe Hawley]]
  |singer = [[Joe Hawley]]
  |singer = [[Joe Hawley]]

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Introduction To The Snow
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Joe Hawley
Duration 1:41
Genre Alternative
Language English

Introduction To The Snow is a song by Joe Hawley. It is the 1st track on the album Hawaii: Part II.


Alone at the edge of a universe humming a tune
With sparkling crystals souls aglow

A part of thee in the key of what we know to be every part without me
Knows only two can make it light

You'll live forever tonight