Isle Unto Thyself

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Isle Unto Thyself
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Joe Hawley
Duration 3:47
Genre Alternative
Language English

Isle Unto Thyself is a song by Joe Hawley. It is the 2nd track on the album Hawaii: Part II. It contains some motifs from Variations On A Cloud On the 12th December 2014 (2 years after the original release of Hawaii: Part II) an animated music video for Isle unto Thyself was uploaded to the ミラクルミュージカル YouTube channel [1]


The working title for this song was "Matters" when it was in its early, demo stages.


Blinding shining star
You won't see so far
Know what can't be shown
Feel what can't be known

You were an isle unto thyself
You had a heart you hadn't felt
Why would it hurt me
Or was it real

It was the night we had to part
We were afraid to miss the start
What did it matter
Why would it matter
And could we heal

Blinding shining star
You won't see so far
Know what can't be shown
Feel what can't be known

I was a victim of magic
Catching my breath as I bled on the ground
Somebody called me to follow
I followed
Thinking aloud without hearing the sound

Then all the planets fell to dust
Lonely departing after us
Gone not forgotten
Long but forgotten old lore

In every element of life
Love camouflaging under strife
Or other matters
Minds over matters
let there be more

Maybe you'll exit tomorrow
The sorrow
Sweeping you off as your island replies
Sudden invincible flowing
A river
Clearer than all thou might view with thine eyes

Why did fire-erupted lands arrive?
Why did murderous animals survive?
Why did we deserve to be revived?
Why was any and everything alive?