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Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Shane Maux, Charlene Kaye
Duration 2:33
Genre Hip-hop
Language English

Labyrinth is a song by Joe Hawley, Shane Maux and Charlene Kaye, sung by Shane Maux and Charlene Kaye. It is the 8th track on Hawaii: Part II. The music is based on a section of The Mind Electric.

Labyrinth Video & Video Game

On August 23rd, 2014 the official Miracle Musical twitted tweeted a date: "12.13.14", the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards [1]

On the teased date of 13th of December 2014, a music video for Labyrinth was released to YouTube[2] and a PC based video game which went by the same name, developed by Wonderfling Studios was also released.[3]

The music video was directed by Ben Luce who also worked closely with the producers at Wonderfling studios over the course of the game's production.

Labyrinth Video Game Promotional Image

The game plays a top-down 2d adventure in the retro style of the music video, and it's soundtrack was later released as Hawaii Partii

On September 13th, 2015, an update was made to the Labyrinth video game, allowing for users to play the game on Mac OS X[4] As of 5th Dec, 2018, the game has been taken off the wonderfling website[5]


Despite it being on Wikipedia's list of words without rhymes [6]Shane Maux rhymes the word "purple" with "hurdles" and "circles" in the first verse of the song


See how I circle
Imaginary mind
Imaginary lines 
Let the maze of my design carry you on

Just bumped my head and my face turns purple
Running through hurdles
Running in circles
Trying to escape from this thing that I fear
Everything seems clear like the end is near

In the rear
I can see the beast getting close
Surrounded by ghosts in a cloud of smoke

The smoke reeks of failure
I don't want to fail
But all the stairwells lead straight to hell
So I'm jumping trap doors in the floor 'fore they floor me
Focus on the love and the light right before me

Walls keep spinning and my path keeps turning
Patience thinning and my calves keep burning
Hotter than a furnace
Suddenly I'm learning
Maybe I finally reached the point of no return and
East is North and West is South
I feel like I'm 'a never get out
I'm trapped

See how I circle
Imaginary mind
Imaginary lines 
Let the maze of my design carry you on
See how I fly away

Behind me my ex-girl's chasing me
In front of me my next girl's facing me
Awaiting me
The light's in my sight but I can't cross these enemy lines I'm behind
I can feel the fatigue but I'm dying to shine
But the road winds
I rewind, I rewind

Got to find a new place to hide for the night
Will I ever escape
Boy I try and I try
Everybody's watching me
I'm dying to get out
In the glass labyrinth I am the mouse

See how I circle
(I'm trapped)

It's just a game you
Play here in this labyrinth