Lemons and pears

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lemons and pears
Written by edu
Appears on sketches
Sung by Andrew Horowitz
Duration 3:21
Genre Indie
Language English

lemons and pears is a song by edu (Andrew Horowitz).

The song is an adaptation/rewrite of "Misfortune," a song originally written for Toy Orchestra, a side project/affiliate band of Tally Hall during their time at the University of Michigan.[1]


An unfinished fan-made "famitracker" version of the song was uploaded to YouTube, September 11th, 2012[2]


These lyrics are not official. Words in parentheses are questionable in accuracy. You may discuss lyrical possibilities in the Discussion page by clicking the Discussion link above.

I asked Lemon, "Please get off my mind"
She said, "I can't do that, I'm confined"
I said, "I think it's unfair that you can't leave.
Please be nice, pretend it's Christmas Eve"

You've been stuck here since (forember),
Can't you just remember how to go.

She said "I'm real sorry, it's not me
Can't you tell this to your diary
Listen, I've moved on, I've met a boy named Pear
He's the sweetest, (multi-pear-ionaire)


No. It's impossible.
No. It's infeasible.
No. It's improbable.
No. It's (im-grapes-able).

Next time that I think of you I'll say,
"I hope you'll have a really rotten day."
Then you'll say, "I'm sorry, I was wrong.
You and me, We'll always have your song, and get along"


No. It's impossible.
No. It's infeasible.
No. It's improbable.
No. It's impeachable.