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(Lyrics from original video)

We need cash...
What happened to our stash?
I bought an electric guitar.
I rented a shiny car.
I went out to lunch.
But McDonald's is a thrifty munch.
I purchased a random flute.
I hired a prostitute.
Whatever will we do?
We'll have to think it through.

I know! I will start, to sell my body parts.
A kidney or a lung, my liver or my tongue.
I'll distribute them in jars, to people driving cars.

I have a better plan. I'll marry a wealthy man.
"Wouldn't that make you gay?"
Not necessari-lay.
That would be okay. What?
I'll sleep in a separate bed, and I'll refrain from giving...
We'll be happy for a while. I'll try to comply to his style.
And keep his mansion clean, then I'll kill him and inherit his green.
Break it down.

It wouldn't be so tough, to sell my girlfriend's stuff.
Her computer and her sewing kit, will go for quite a bit.
That doesn't seem so kind.
I doubt that she will mind.

We'll start a fake foundation. A non-profit organization.
We'll say it's for the mute, the blind, and destitute.
Then we'll get to take, the money that we make, we'll salvage all we can,
and take it to Afghanistan.
Break it down.

Ninjas are totally sweet. So light and nimble on their feet. So good at being bad,
I wish I had a ninja for a dad. (kill him son)
Put your money in the cup, or this assassin will cut you up.
Do no attempt to mess with me, I met a guy who met Bruce Lee...'s Mothers,
Cousins, Nieces, Brothers, Neighbors, Doctors, Ex-boyfriends... Dog.

It won't be hard at all, making money with a crystal ball.
"According to the tarot cards, your body will be torn to shards.
The pieces spread around, your mangled carcass never found."
That's all I'll have to say, and then they'll have to pay.

I know, I could....
Break it down.

I'll make the money grow, with my impromptu magic show.
Performing in the streets, death defying feats. 
People will shriek and shout, but that's what magic is all about.
"My God! Is he alright?"
I do this every night.

I'll ace the GRE, and harvest a PHD. 
After curing the HIV, I'll collect my royalties.
Do you think you're bright enough?
…Let's get his girlfriend's stuff.
Break it down.

(Tally Hall's adapted lyrics)

We need cash...
What happened to our stash?
I bought a new guitar.
I rented a classy car.
I got suckered by e-mail thugs, 
Into cheap prescription drugs.
Whatever will we do?
We'll have to think it through.

I have a word in mind,
A very scary kind,
I fear it everyday,
It starts with letter "J"
Jam? Jackal? Job? JOB!

People keep it calm, I'll simply call my mom
Hello this is your son, our bank account is done
How much? Well, there is none
She's never any fun.
Break it down

We all could live like kings if I sell my girlfriend's things
Her computer and her make-up kit would go for quite a bit
She'll probably go berserk
I'll make you look like the jerk

I'll ace the GRE and harvest a PHD
After curing the HIV, I'll collect my royalties
Do you think you're bright enough?
I'll get his girlfriend's stuff
Break it down

I'll play a simple tune
One that makes consumers swoon
We'll infect you with contagious rhyme
To keep them coming every time
That's all we'll have to play
And then they'll have to pay
Break it down