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Are you going to eat that crazy food?  
May I please have some of it too?  
Oh I hope that it does not give you indigestion.  
This was once a true fantasy of mine.

Sh*t is f*cking bonkers at the farmer's market  
Drove the G*dd*mn Jeep and there's no place to park it.  
What the f*ck? Gus, check out that lazy dude  
With all that crazy food   
Handing apple samples out to known customers (ooh)

F*ck, find that punk,  
If sh*t ever gets dire,  
What the ****, he's Superman,  
who the heck is the Pier?  

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your spaghetti  
Seriously, though, he's packing patchouli confetti  

Ready? Sh*t, uh...  

Allspice, amaranth, artichoke, acai  
Banana, barley, basil, bay leaves, bok choi, chai,  
Seitan pot pie, marbled rye.
Bedhi'd black eyed peas, bing cherries, chioggia beets, golden bees, gooseberries,  
cayenne, chestnut, chia, coconut, custard, dahlia, dates, saffron, dijon mustard.
(Now, Faster--)

Durian, curry, kale, kasava,  
clove, eggplant, flax, demitasse, kava,  
garlic, kumquat, lychee, oca root,  
jalapenos, garbanzos, starfruit, snakefruit,  

lavender, lime, karela, kohlrabi,  
juniper, jak, wakame, wasabi,  
papaya, papalo, marigold, mango,  
oregano, sake, lemon, luo han guo,  

kiwi, catnip, carolina reaper,  
egusi, icaco, why can't this be cheaper?  
poppies, asparagus, queen anne's carrots,  
broccoli, gac, and that'll take care of us. 

You have more? Wherefore dost thou obtain such crazy food, thou crazy f*ck?  

Collard greens, butter beans, vanilla,  
pomegranate, pineapple, sarsaparilla,  
rambutan, dragonfruit, tapioca,  
atemoya, akebia, rose, mocha,  

amanita muscaria, chive, potatoes,  
watercress, sprouts, quinoa, tomatoes,  
parsley, sage, rosemary--wait, almost seems like this should be illegal.  

Will these even fit in the vehicle?  

Watermelon, marijuana, rhubarb,  
tamarind, tarragon, turnip, swiss chard,  
blueberry, caraway, fennel, cacao,  
boysenberry, cumin, cantaloupe, (Wow!)  

celery, sesame, yam, anise, zenias,  
kolas, granolas, marconas, gardenias,  
lemon, cabbage, faba, leek, and a wiener,  
ghost pepper, mustard, cabbage, and me and uh  

apple, fig, pear, peach pie, hazel, walnut, beets,   
---, millet, teff, taro, shallot, ginger, ---, faro,   
,----,  mozzarella,
chopped portabella,  
pumpkin, radish, onion, rice,  ginkgo, olive, maple, ice,  

thyme, strawberry, papaya, catskill sherry,  
Mongolian ---, ---, mimosa, argyreia nervosa,  
cucumbers, maypop, shamrocks... what's with the hemlocks?  
porter, apricots, sour truffles, xanthan flour,  

squash zucchini, macaroni, tortini, vermacelli,  
avocados, pistachios, cinnamon rose, jelly,   
persimmons, parsley, we got ---, ---, ---, 
kombucha...and oranges.  

Cash only?? Uh, never mind.