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Gee, I’m a wizard, and here is my cloak
Walk around in the woodz, make me feel like the Pope.
Just cruisin’ with the breeze on a cloudy day
In only a cloak, what can I say?
Makin’ all the witches want to come and play
Cause my cloak is so fly and I wear it for days, 
Hey, uh.
I’m just walkin’ down the path, smellin’ the sweet grass
All the witches say I’m like the Flash
In my cloak, so fast.
I might go for a soak in my cloak, ‘cause it’s waterproof.
Got a hood on it too, which is honestly just
Incredibly convenient.

Lo and behold, there goes an old crone.
Hey old crone, how are your old bones?
(Why do you look so lackadaisical,
Wandering around in your great big cloak?)
I’m too dressed to be stressed in my great big cloak.
(But what is a wizard without a quest?
What’s the point of even living without a quest?)

Lo and behold, the gnome and bridge trolls.
Hello gnome, hello you bridge trolls.
(Just as we gnomes must sit all day,
A wizard must quest his life away)
Am I a wizard without a quest?
(Just as we trolls must guard the way,
A wizard never rests and never plays)
Tell me am I not a wizard without a quest?

I’ve gone so far, so astray.
I really can’t afford delay.
And even though it pains me so,
I need a quest, it’s what I owe.
But I’ve searched for quests,
Looked high and low…
I need to call my old friend Joe.
(Pick up, come on, pick up…)



Yo, you need a quest?

However did you know?

Alex, do not vex.
Variety garden pressure from crones, gnomes, and trolls
Can make one sicker in the gulley than stone micks and rolls.
First off, hats off to your tenacity 
In the face of one ambivalent Queen’s rhapsody.
But isn’t there a dragon, a basilisk or boss?
A plague of the land or a scourge of special sauce?

I was at a crossroads, trollin’ the wood, feelin’ dope, 
In my cloak...

Oh, you have the goods!
But wizards can be perfectly apt without quests,
Sometimes we never know what’s best left to test.

What if this angst is too legit, and I quit?
What of a destiny that’s best left to sit?
Where are those heroes about whom Homer spoke
‘Fore Moses took adventure for some kind of joke?

Into this world we’re thrown….

Joseph? Joey Joe?

Hmm, I can’t answer every question for you,
But if you’re looking for a journey, here’s what you can do.
Tell the bridge trolls you’ve a bigger brother;
They should let you pass to eat the other.
Now the paths before you split into infinity.
Find the one with the mark of the trinity.

Something bit me and I’m leaking body fluid, this hurts…

Sweet, that’s street cred with the druids!
Stealth walk through their sacred neighborhoods
In the search of Mr. Robin’s Hundred Acre Wood.
Climb the redwood taller than the tower,
Half its leaves are really paneled solar power.
There’s a branch at the top that pulls to drop a tunnel
Cross your arms and brace yourself to funnel
To a secret room beneath the Tree Town Sound,
Light a match and fall onto the ground.
Duck under the bed or alarms shall crescendo...

K, what’s in the box?

It’s a Nintendo.