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Lyrics:Maybe In The Night

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The truck that he drives around is custom-painted on the driver's side
He keeps it cleaner than clean and pays a guy to wax the under-parts
She eats her dinner in bed and watches local news to fall asleep
He's on the road for a week or two and he calls at dinner-time

The truck got busted up good, a three-car accident he didn't cause
And with the rig in the shop he got a break he didn't ask for
They ate their dinner in bed and watched the local news to fall asleep
She got so good at the lonely parts it was hard to start again

But maybe in the night, when he turns out the light, everything is okay
Don't they hear alarms? She's folding up her arms, he's turning away
Learning days are done, the living has begun, she's getting sadder
Everything they said lying in the bed, it doesn't matter.

The TV's broken again, static on the screen
And once he's back on the road, the house is getting cleaned
She leaves her dinner in bed to walk around the house and look for him
She couldn't tell he was gone again so she throws his dinner out


All of the cats have names but none are near enough to sound the same
And I can sleep better when you're gone she whispered lightly to the dawn