Lyrics:The Trap

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Whispered leaves on swaying trees and
Mysteries define
Summer nights of endless light
Remind us of the line that's
Yours & Mine

Thoughts of green and breezes mean
I'm growing from a stem
Missing dirt on my T-shirt
You'll move a little closer but the moving isn't over if it's

Them & You & Me
Stringing electricity
And the rest of it is waiting under
When it overflows
Taking us where no one knows
We remember when we fell into the trap

Midnight air is unprepared for
Thought we would condemn
Silence of the stars above
In any other weather
We would try to stay together but it's


Mother & Fathers without
Will doubt
Brother to brother another
Hold out

Imagine a world if the numbers would take some
Time out

Me without you & you without
I want to break out of this abstracting pattern of layers but it's