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Both of us see a cloud
Or whatever we may believe
Being it may be proud
Or whatever we want to see

OK jump

Cirrus in [Cumulus] light [dark] you lie [vow]
Give us varying [colorful] shades of grey
Floating inside [outside] the sky
Show us everything [nothing] everyday [in any way]

OK jump to end it all
Let this one be to break the fall

It's a little bit of magic to end the world
[But I thought you knew me truly]
Something different than we started with in the world
[Does it even matter to me]

I was in the hearing
Bumming a humble clearing from Caligula
In his Shangri-La La La

Miracle worker I saw you begin it
Walking the water [so soft on the rain]
See what you see in the surface [a limit]
Ladies and Gentlemen please why don't we

Keep it coming back

[Join if you wish]

We've been to this scene [These days it's hard to find friends]
Aboriginal meme [But opportunities bend]
Had a smotherful mother full of meddle and steam [And we spend the chance sleeping on the top of the fence]

Can't believe what we've seen
Won't be burned to the ground
Though we make ourselves castles
Every tide we're around

Do you like how I walk?
Do you like how I talk?
Do you like how my face has learned to tick like a clock

I have a wonderful life
I know a powerful Bob
He eulogizes me for being geocentric [ha ha ha ha!]

Keep it coming back and coming back and coming back
Why don't we keep it coming back and coming back and coming back
And coming