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Welcome to The Tally Hallmanac: The Ultimate Tally Hall Wiki! Logo] This wiki is a place for everyone to contribute towards creating the most comprehensively informative place on earth to find everything you need to know about the band Hall].

Users are encouraged to add information for anything they see fit. Users should also feel free to create new pages for anything that a new page of information warrants. The administrators will delete anything deemed unnecessary, which will probably be a rarity.

If you need help with anything, we suggest you read this how-to on formatting in Wiki language. You can also try and get ahold of a Tally Hallmanac administrator by hitting up the [ page. Enjoy!

Don't know where to start looking? Try these pages:

And because it's a cool page which isn't being linked to anywhere else:

Page Creators

ATTENTION NOOBS! Creating a new page is as easy as making a reference (or finding an existing reference) to the person/place/thing in a wiki page, surrounding it with [ brackets<nowiki>]] and save the page so it becomes a red link. Click the red link and you've begun creating a page for that person/place/thing!

If you've got a specific person, band/artist, song, or album in mind already, we've given you the following tools to create the new page and it will even preload it with the fancy colored infoboxes and such.

Create a new page for a PERSON:

Create a new page for a BAND/ARTIST:

Create a new page for a SONG:

Create a new page for an ALBUM:

Create a new page for anything NOT an ALBUM, SONG, PERSON, or ARTIST: