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Welcome to the Tally Hallmanac: The Ultimate Tally Hall Wiki!

This wiki is a place for everyone to contribute towards creating the most comprehensively informative place on earth about the band Tally Hall.

You are encouraged to add information for anything you see fit! You should also feel free to create new pages for anything that a new page of information warrants. If you need help with anything, we suggest you read this how-to on formatting in Wiki language. You can also ask a Tally Hallmanac administrator if you have any further questions. Happy editing!


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Page Creators

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Creating a new page is as easy as making a reference (or finding an existing reference) to the person/place/thing in a wiki page, surrounding it with [[double brackets]] and save the page so it becomes a red link. Click the red link and you've begun creating a page for that person/place/thing!

If you've got a specific person, band/artist, song, or album in mind already, we've given you the following tools to create the new page and it will even preload with the fancy colored infoboxes and such.

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