Marvin Yagoda

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Marvin Yagoda
Friend of the band
Date of Birth: March 22, 1938
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Date of Death: January 8, 2017
Place of Death: Southfield, MI
Current resident of: The Sky
Other Names: "Marvelous Marvin"


Marvin Yagoda is the creator of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Place), which resided within Tally Hall, the shopping centre that the band is named after[1].

Marvin was fascinated with collecting coin operated machines since he was a little kid[2] and began collecting his own in 1960 but it wasn't until 1990 when he opened his mechanical museum.

Marvin was a pharmacist by trade and studied at the University of Michigan.[2] after graduating in the early 60's he kept collecting coin operated machines, overtaking his wife's house. In 1980 his wife, and his son, Jeremy Yagonda, went to the Tally Hall food court and said that it would be a great place for the machines to take residence for other people to enjoy.[3][4]

Marvin passed away after a long illness on January 8, 2017.[5] The museum remains in the hands of his family and is still open for business.

In memory of Marvin Yagoda