Mary-Kate And Ashley (T.H.I.S. Episode)

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Mary-Kate And Ashley is the sixth episode of Tally Hall's Internet Show, which premiered on their website November 24, 2008. The episode runs 10 minutes and 31 seconds and is unique in that the entire episode is the music video for the song Two Wuv.



The idea for the episode was initially brought up, during a group brainstorming, by either Andrew or Zubin to hunt down Mary Kate and Ashley. The concept of turning the whole episode into a music video was a decision made during editing.

The woods were filmed in two different areas. The first was a public park near Ann Arbor. The second half was shot in the woods surrounding the haunted carnival and of course, then, inside the carnival area itself. This location is known as Theatre Bizarre in Detroit. In-fact, Marvin Yagoda turned the boys onto the place, as he is friendly with the people who "run" it. But, from what I can tell, what "it" is, is an independent art installation; a set built perhaps purely out of boredom by the people who own the property which includes the fire pit seen in the video. It is surely made to look like a ghostly, haunted carnival and there are Halloween events/tours that occur there. As for the rest of the year, I don't know what it's purpose is or if it's open to the public.

They filmed in the middle of the night, which was particularly FREEZING that evening. Joe says it was a genuinely frightening experience for him, if not for everyone else, too. But they were warmed up with White Castle burgers and hot chocolate brought by Marvin.

The place even has a stage, which they intended to perform the song on while dressed in zombie makeup (for the video) but the idea was scratched. This stage, apparently, is one that Insane Clown Posse is partial to. During the credits, you can see the stage in question.

Fun Facts

The song "Various Kitchen Utensils" by Skybox appears during the road-trip sequence (1:35-1:50 into the episode).