Nobody Else Quite Like You

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Nobody Else Quite Like You
Nobody else quite rob cantor screenshot.png
Written by Rob Cantor
Appears on
Sung by Rob Cantor
Duration 1:58
Genre Pop
Language English

Nobody Else Quite Like You is a song by Rob Cantor. Written for Intel to advertise their new app. Rob announced the video on twitter on the 12th of April, 2016.[1]

Rob writes in the description for the youtube video: "This song is ALL ABOUT YOU and the weird, wonderful things you do. I wrote it to help promote an app from Intel Security called True Key, which lets you login without the hassle of passwords. This is my first-ever sponsored video, and I’m very glad to report that (1) the product itself is actually awesome and (2) the company gave me free reign to write whatever the hell I wanted, which ended up as this strange little ditty."[2]

Music Video[edit]

The music video shows Rob himself singing the song against a grey background in his signature formal getup. The video then shows clips of viral videos, while Rob sings about their originality.

CREDITS: Directed by Randall Maxwell & Rob Cantor

Concept by Stephen Goldblatt

(Full list of credits in the youtube video description)


Digital publication Tech Insider called the advert "Amusing", making reference to Rob's previous viral video: Shia Labeouf[3]

True Key, the app the song is advertising, said that the song is "So awesome"[4]


Words & Music by Rob Cantor

Produced by Andrew Horowitz[5]

Mixed by Dan Romer

Mastered by Dave Cooley


this song put Rob as the face of the #1in7Billion campagn[6]


There are seven billion people on the planet
On our little floating rock of green and blue
but out of seven billion humans living on the Earth
There is nobody else quite like you

The way you take a leap and never seem afraid to fall
The way you dress up your goat in pyjamas
The way you dry your hair, The way you soar through the air
The way you turn your apples into bananas
The way you juggle while you hoverboard like it's no big deal
The way you bike-ride like a kangaroo
How you hop, how you hoop
The way you poop in the soup
Nope, there's nobody else quite like you

Your cowbell is a dogbell and your melon is a friend (She's your best friend)
You're trippin' balls and you're barely even ten! (just turned ten)
your coffee is a canvas and you like to play pretend (Play pretend)
You sprint into a car door, over and over again
You turn a normal cheese-curl into instagram art
You spread holiday cheer through parkour (parkour)
You sit in traffic to the beat, you go singing in the street
You're a one-of-a-kind man-dog, it's true!
No, there's nobody else quite like you

You know the things that make you weird make you wonderful, too
You're completely unmistakable, you're you.