Old Bike

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Old Bike
Written by Rob Cantor
Appears on Not A Trampoline
Sung by Rob Cantor
Duration 3:07
Genre Alternative
Language English

Old Bike is a song by Rob Cantor The song debuted with a music video on March 4th, 2014.[1] It is the second song on Not A Trampoline, which was released April 14th, 2014[2]

When asked on his facebook page if he had gotten a new bike, he explained that sometime in 2013, his bike was sadly, and somewhat ironically, stolen. He has yet to replace it.[3]


Bora Karaca Is credited as both "Bora Karaca" and a grip for the music video[1]


✓ Marked Official
Old bike
Rode it my whole life
Wonder if I might
Beat that old bike to the grave

Moon bright
Gliding down hillsides
Haze off a porch light
Flickers and catches my gaze

On my bicycle
(Hum bitty bitty)x3
Rolling along

On my bicycle
(Hum bitty bitty)x3
Singing my song

On my bicycle RIDE!
Hoping you'll come along

Warm night
Riding my soul bike
Doesn't quite roll right
But it gets me where I need to be

There is no guide
Life is a slow ride
If you've got an old bike
Come ride around here with me

On our bicycles
(Hum bitty bitty)x3
Hands in the air

On our bicycles
(Hum bitty bitty)x3
Driving with care

On our bicycle ride!

Everyone's at it alone sometimes
But it's better to have a companion ride
Everyone's Saturday night goes wrong sometimes
(along the ride)x2

Busted and rickety olden bike
Busted and missing a bolt or five
Holding together as long as I'm alive
(along the ride)x2

Ladies and gentlemen I despise
(I despise)
Leave them alone as I drive on by
(Alone, as I drive on by)
Never imagined it quite so divine
To glide along the ride
(Oh yeah! It's the end of the song)