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Q+M Agency (Formerly Known As: "Quack!Media") is a design, advertising, and publishing company, started by a young Al McWilliams in 2003.

"I set up two folding chairs in an empty closet behind an Indian restaurant “office suite” and hired Jeff Jenkins and Serene Arena. Matt Rundell showed up a few months later and Quack!Media started making ridiculously low budget, but funny and effective educational videos" says McWilliams. [1] Those videos often featured Joe Hawley and Rob Cantor.

Over the years, they expanded into advertising, television, music, and publishing. Their music label was started primarily for Tally Hall, who were in need of financing their first full-length album, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

In October 2016, Quack!Media changed its name to Q+M. [1]