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  |death_date = <!-- death date (optional) -->
  |death_date = <!-- death date (optional) -->
  |death_place = <!-- death place (optional) -->
  |death_place = <!-- death place (optional) -->
  |residence = Brooklyn, NY
  |residence = New Haven, CT
  |otherNames = [[Mr. F]]
  |otherNames = [[Mr. F]]
  |yearsActive = 2004-Current
  |yearsActive = 2004-Current

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Ross Federman
Current member of Tally Hall
Date of Birth: January 30, 1985
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Current resident of: New Haven, CT
Other Names: Mr. F


Ross Federman joined Tally Hall in 2004 after the band's original drummer, Steve Gallagher, quit. Ross was invited to try out for the band by Joe. Ross recalls another very good drummer by the name of Mike Swain also trying out at the same time and assumed there must not have been quite as good a personality mesh with Mike, because his talents certainly were enough to get the job.

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2008, Ross has discovered a love for DJ'ing and composing song mash-ups. He DJs under the name of Mr. F.

Ross is the youngest member of Tally Hall, despite his salt & pepper hair color.

On the 2006 website, Ross' bio read thusly...

Fun Facts

  • Ross's middle name is Steven.


Black Rainbows