Rotary Park

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Rotary Park
Joe Hawley Joe Hawley Cover.png
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Joe Hawley Joe Hawley
Sung by Joe Hawley, Zubin Sedghi
Duration 3:17
Genre Rock
Language English

Rotary Park is a song by Joe Hawley, it's the fifth song on the album Joe Hawley Joe Hawley. The song features Zubin Sedghi and is based on a time when Joe was mugged at Rotary park.

Music Video

A lyric video for the song was uploaded to Joe Hawley's YouTube Page on June 22nd 2017, made and directed by Hawley himself.[1]


Rotary Park is safe after dark
Neighbors off porches
The playground is stark

Wine stain'd a vacant old basketball court
Dwellings surround a municipal fort

Don’t mind the stories of triumphs and glories
Rotary Park is the jam after dark

Leave and decide
Stay and be blind
Easy to claim when you’ve places to find
We nearly died
Be that inside
grinding the gears of all tides

Rotary Park is at peace after dark
Chief Pontiac 
stamped his name on the mark

Mystery buried in flat dominos
(Be, leave and decide, stay and be blind)
Twilight attuned to a creeping repose
(Easy to claim when you’ve places to find)

Don’t mind the lion 
hid dreaming of Zion
Rotary Park is ablaze after dark

Rotary Park is swell after dark
coveting woes 
in bureaucracy throes

Trials by pairings with blood on the psyche
(Be, leave and decide, stay and be blind)
Victory airings not sponsored by Nike®
(Easy to claim when you’ve places to find)
Purple potato-faced comrade ascends
(We nearly died, be that inside)
Vultures encircle abandoned amends
(Grinding the gears of all tides)

This morning I woke 
from a nightmare and fell out of bed 
and Lo!
The ghost of a man ages thought to be dead
A smile and a ribbon he wore with a dutiful pose
A wink 
A prick from the thorn of that beautiful rose

Rotary Park is aghast before dusk
don’t mind the four savage
young horsemen of musk


Recorded at ASSEMBLE in Detroit, U.S.A.
Lyrics, Music, & Sequence: Joe Hawley
Vocals: Joe Hawley & Zubin Sedghi
Additional Vocals: Alex Kessler
Accordion & Bass Guitar: Bora Karaca
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, & Keys: Joe Hawley
Clarinet: Alex Kessler
Drum Sample: Ross Federman
Snaps: Seth Anderson & Joe Hawley

Sample of Note: "Take the Money and Run" theme by Marvin Hamlisch