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Characters in T.H.I.S.


In Tally Hall's Internet Show most of the female characters are named Sally. The reasons for this are to simplify the character, but it is unknown why the specific name was chosen. However, there is a "Sally" in almost every T.H.I.S. episode. Also, I remember hearing somewhere that by changing the appearance and embodiment of "Sally" it would help viewers know that "Sally" was not an actual member of the band... but that never quite made sense to me, personally.

Characters Named Sally[edit]

Taken For A Ride (T.H.I.S. Episode):

  • What's Wrong? (Joe's girlfriend)
  • The Pretty One (Girl)

Welcome To Tally Hall (T.H.I.S. Episode):

  • Cows (Cow)

Who Cares (T.H.I.S. Episode):

  • Depressed Horse (Sally Meadows)
  • Sally (Ross's girlfriend)

15 Seconds Of Bora (T.H.I.S. Episode):

  • Peter Cuts Himself (Peter's friend)

The Whole World And You (T.H.I.S. Episode):

Good Night (T.H.I.S. Episode):

Fun Facts[edit]

Sally Meadows, the other half of Depressed Horse has a Facebook page: