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Written by Anonymous
Appears on N/A
Sung by N/A
Duration 45:21
Genre Comedy
Language English

Sargasm is a film created by Joe Hawley's comedy troupe from college, called Anonymous. The film contains several different skits that would later make their way into the Tally Hall Internet Show, better known as T.H.I.S. The film was previously thought to be lost (A result of Joe's harddrive failing some time ago), until Joe Hawley posted a link to it on his (somewhat) private Instagram account. While the film seems to have been re-released by Joe, the film itself was re-uploaded by some other random channel, and can be found by searching "Sargasm 2002". It is unknown what affiliation this YouTube channel has with Joe Hawley or the film itself.


  • Joerilla is the largest part of Sargasm, and also appears in the Tally Hall Internet Show.