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  |title = Sea Cucumber (Demo)
  |title = Sea Cucumber (Demo)
  |albumart = <!-- The filename of the (obviously already uploaded) photo, such as hello.jpg (optional) -->
  |albumart = Cover.jpg
  |writer = Unknown
  |writer = Unknown
  |singer = Zubin Sedghi
  |singer = Zubin Sedghi

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Sea Cucumber (Demo)
Written by Unknown
Appears on Admittedly Incomplete Demos
Sung by Zubin Sedghi
Duration 1:02
Genre Rock
Language English
Addtl. Info: Hidden track, with 18 others on ACD

Sea Cucumber is a song by an unknown member of Tally Hall, presumably Zubin Sedghi. Sedghi appears to be singing the song.


I am a sea cucumber, waiting to float across the sea
but me, I'll never touch the clouds, 
or stand out of the crowd
I can't break out, I'm bound by gravity

We all are sea cucumbers, stuck in cucumber 'ciety
'Cuz we turn out just like our folks
We laugh at the same jokes
We have our hopes,
We relive patiently

Go on, go on, life in a can
Go on, go on, living as planned
Go on, go on, cucumber man.