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Shia Labeouf / Shia Labeouf Live
Written by Rob Cantor
Appears on Shia LaBeouf Live (Single)
Sung by Rob Cantor
Duration 1:51 / 2:35
Genre Musical
Language English

Shia Labeouf is a song by Rob Cantor which went viral in late April 2012, particularly on Tumblr, inspiring countless amounts of people to create images, videos, and written anecdotes all based around the lyrics of the song. The term "Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf" (a lyric of the song) had become an internet meme.

In an interview with The Washington Post[1], Rob says it was originally written in the hopes that 'Funny or Die' would want to use the song in a video featuring the actual LaBeouf. But it didn't happen and the song sat on his hard drive for a year until Rob created his online portfolio and SoundCloud profile[2][3], where it was inevitably found by a fan of Tally Hall, posted by HITS for everyone else to hear, and the rest is history.

So, why Shia Labeouf of all people? In the interview, Rob says “It was more that his name, when whispered really intensely, just made me giggle.”

For more details, check the official KnowYourMeme page on

Resurgence / Shia LaBeouf Live[edit]

Shia Labeouf Live

On October 21st 2014, Rob Cantor released a music video for a new, extended version of the song, called "Shia LaBeouf Live ▶", complete with an orchestral arrangement in honor of the meme’s popularity each Halloween season. The video depicts a “live” stage performance of the song featuring a men’s chorus, children’s choir, string quartet, and interpretive dancers; some of whom adorn a giant Shia LaBeouf head. The video ends with a single audience member clapping alone in the dark auditorium. As the camera pans, we see it is Shia himself dressed in a tuxedo and mimicking the popular Citizen Kane clap.

The song is available for purchase from iTunes, or Rob's Bandcamp page: And is available to stream on Spotify.[4]

Fun Facts[edit]

The fitness app/game Zombies, Run! 2 features a mission called "Actual Cannibal Rescue Mission".

The original inspiration occurred when Rob and Andrew Laurich were helping another friend move. Andrew started whispering Shia LaBeouf's name dramatically, they found it funny, and later Rob wrote a whole song around it.[5]


You're walking in the woods.
There's no one around,
And your phone is dead.
Out of the corner of your eye you spot him,
Shia Labeouf.

He's following you
About 30 feet back.
He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint.
He's gaining on you.
Shia Labeouf.

You're looking for your car,
But you're all turned around.
He's almost upon you now
And you can see there's blood on his face!
My god, there's blood everywhere!

Running for your life
(From Shia Labeouf.)
He's brandishing a knife.
(It's Shia Labeouf.)
Lurking in the shadows
Hollywood superstar Shia Labeouf.
Living in the woods,
(Shia Labeouf.)
Killing for sport,
(Shia Labeouf.)
Eating all the bodies
Actual, cannibal Shia Labeouf.

Now it's dark and you seem to have lost him,
But you're hopelessly lost yourself.
Stranded with a murderer,
You creep silently through the underbrush.
A-ha! In the distance,
A small cottage with a light on.
You move stealthily toward it,
But your leg! AH! It's caught in a bear trap!

Gnawing off your leg,
(Quiet, quiet.)
Limping toward the cottage,
(Quiet, quiet.)
Now you're on the doorstep,
Sitting inside, Shia Labeouf.
Sharpening an ax,
(Shia Labeouf.)
But he doesn't hear you enter,
(Shia Labeouf.)
You're sneaking up behind him.
Strangling superstar Shia Labeouf.
Fighting for your life with Shia Labeouf,
Wrestling a knife from Shia Labeouf,
Stab it in his kidney.
Safe at last from Shia Labeouf.

You limp into the dark woods,
Blood oozing from your stump leg.
But you have won.
You have beaten Shia Labeouf.


Wait! He isn’t dead! Shia surprise!
There’s a gun to your head and death in his eyes.
But you can do jiu jitsu… body slam superstar Shia LaBeouf.

Legendary fight with Shia LaBeouf.
Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf.
You try to swing an axe at Shia LaBeouf.
But blood is draining fast from your stump leg.

He’s dodging every swipe, he parries to the left.
You counter to the right, you catch him in the neck.
You’re chopping off his head now….
You have just decapitated Shia LaBeouf.

His head topples to the floor, expressionless.
You fall to your knees and catch your breath.  
You are finally safe from Shia LaBeouf.

External Links[edit]

Shia Lebouf on Soundcloud


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