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Released 2012
Length 30:25
Label N/A
Producer Andrew Horowitz

Sketches is the first solo album created by Andrew Horowitz. It was released under his alternative name edu at first on cassette tape in March or April of 2012. Eventually, however the cassette tapes sold out, and the page laid left abandoned for some time. However, Andrew eventually decided to release the album digitally for purchase later on.

Eventually, in 2019, Andrew would completely re-release the album with a brand new mix (And some other doo-dads) under the name sketches 3d.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "miss melody" Horowitz Horowitz 3:41
2. "HEY YOU!" Horowitz Horowitz 4:07
3. "hummingbird" Horowitz Horowitz 2:34
4. "daisy fingers" Horowitz Horowitz 4:30
5. "have a nice day (interludinal)" Horowitz (instrumental) 1:37
6. "lemons and pears" Horowitz Horowitz 3:21
7. "at the end" Horowitz Horowitz 3:22
8. "nowhere else" Horowitz Horowitz 3:30
9. "the rainbow connection" Ascher Williams Horowitz 3:43