Sketches 3d

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sketches 3d
Released 2019
Length 30:25
Label N/A
Producer Andrew Horowitz

Sketches 3D is a re-release of sorts of Andrew Horowitz'/Edu's first album, sketches. This album makes an attempt to clean up the album from it's original more demo-y style, through stronger production, attributed to Andrew's recent work in music production, as well as release the album more fully, as the previous album was only barely released on cassette (Thus, the cover art), and was extremely obscure to purchase digitally other than through a Bandcamp link that isn't even spelled like his real name.

The album, alongside being re-released on Spotify and other similar platforms, was primarily released through vinyl records, which you could get by funding the album's initial Kickstarter, though by that point the album was already completed. Essentially, the vinyl release here strongly resembles that of Hawaii: Part II. Backers also, depending on how much they pledged, received a CD copy alongside their vinyl.

Several other items were also up for sale, such as Andrew's old keyboard that he used for tours, and his first ever acoustic guitar, with a case entirely covered by random stickers, some including the classic Tally Hall Merchandise.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "miss melody" Horowitz Horowitz 3:41
2. "HEY YOU!" Horowitz Horowitz 4:07
3. "hummingbird" Horowitz Horowitz 2:34
4. "daisy fingers" Horowitz Horowitz 4:30
5. "have a nice day (interludinal)" Horowitz N/A 1:37
6. "lemons and pears" Horowitz Horowitz 3:21
7. "at the end" Horowitz Horowitz 3:22
8. "nowhere else" Horowitz Horowitz 3:30
9. "the rainbow connection" Ascher Williams Horowitz 3:43