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I know! I will start, to sell my body parts.
A kidney or a lung, my or liver or my tounge.
I'll distribute them in jars, to people driving cars.
It wouldn't be so tough, to sell my girlfriend's stuff.
Her computer and her sewing kit, will go for quite a bit.
"That doesn't seem so kind."
I doubt that she will mind.
We'll start a fake foundation. A non-profit organization.
We'll say it's for the mute, the blind, and destitute.
Then we'll get to take, the money that we make, we'll sell the schtick(?) salvage all we can,
and take it to Afghanistan.
Break it down.
Ninjas and totally sweet. So light and nimble on their feet. So good at being bad,
I wish I had a ninja for a dad.(kill him son)
Put your money in the cup, or this assassin will cut you up.
Do no attempt to mess with me, I met a guy who met Bruce Lee...'s Mother's,
I'll ace the GRE, and harvest a PHD.
After curing the HIV, I'll collect my royalties.
"Do you think you're bright enough?"
...Lets get his girlfriend's stuff.
Break it down.
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