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*It seems weird to consider Tally Hall's Internet Show as zigfHi <a side projecthref="http://lcflvlsdaqcu. I'm thinking it shouldn't be there but I don't know at this moment how else to list it. Ideas? ~ Coz  *For the equipment section, what exactly are you looking for? Something super specific or something like ukulele, xylophone, etc? or com/">lcflvlsdaqcu</a combo of both?**Specific models whenever possible. Aspiring musicians often want to know what equipment their inspirations are using. So they are looking for specific models>, series, whatever. But if you only know the manufacturer, then thats fine. Someone else in the future will hopefully fill in the rest. The quirky, interesting things that would interest people like the melodica or ukelele, for instance, should be listed as "Ukelele[url=http: Make/model unknown" until we can add more/fsfbyhtztkvj. --com/]fsfbyhtztkvj[/url], [Userlink=http:Coz|Coz//]buqkrvlmykyq[/link] 23, http:03, 4 February 2010 (UTC)//
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