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* I really hope so. I'm definitely a fan of The Gap.[[User:DwightTheGreat|~ Dwight]]
* The Gap is now called The Trap. But this is a very recent change. I suspect if it was recorded, it was done so as "The Gap"... and therefore there's a very good chance this will not be on Good & Evil. --[[User:Coz|Coz]] 20:41, 5 March 2010 (UTC)
*What makes you think that? The video of The Gap that I've seen was way back in May of last year, and The Trap sounds like it but much more mature. In the Boralogue when Zubin pinches Rob's nose, I feel like that sounds more like "The Trap" than "The Gap." My guess is that it just evolved into The Trap and will be on the album.~Mike

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