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{{Infobox song
|title = &
|albumart = GOOD-EVIL_COVER.png
|writer = Joe Hawley
|singer = [[Joe Hawley]]
|album = [[Good & Evil]]
|language = English
'''&''', a song by [[Joe Hawley]]. The song is pronounced "And". It shares the same melody as a song (also by Hawley) called [[A Lady]] and is suspected to act which acts as a reprise on the album [[Untitled 2010 ReleaseGood & Evil]].
== Music Video ==
& was set up to have a music video, directed by Steve Loter, who also directed the music video for [[Hidden In The Sand (Song)| Hidden In The Sand]]. The video was to incorporate fan-submissions of creatively-made ampersands, and though many fans did submit their ampersands, the music video was scrapped due to lack of funding. <ref>[ HITS. 'The & Music Video, by HSRT And Fans Like You'. September 29th, 2013.]</ref><br>
On October 21st, 2011 [[Tally Hall]] created a photo album on their facebook page of 137 of the ampersands that were submitted by fans, with the caption:
<br><q><i>The "&" video is no more. Many hours were committed towards making this video a reality; however, with limited resources, it just didn't happen. To everyone who worked on this video, and all those who submitted your artwork: thank you for the effort and thought you put into this project. Words are insufficient to express our gratitude. </i></q><ref>[ Tally Hall & Facebook photo album]</ref>
=== Trivia === Some believe [[A Lady]] and '''&''' will end up being On September 29th, 2013 Skye, AKA HomeStarRunnerTron uploaded a part of a multifan-song medley in made music video to YouTube, which showcased the song titles can also be placed next to each other and will form their own statement (e.g. "A Lady & A ___")fan-made ampersands.Skye explains:
<i>"This is a video I've had in my head for just about two years now. When I found out there wasn't going to be an & music video, but ALL the fan-submitted &s were there to behold... I knew there still needed to be a product in which to view it."</i> The video now has over 10,000 views.<ref>[ Skye AKA HomeStarRunnerTron. 29th September, 2013. Tally Hall & Fan Music Video. YouTube]</ref>
* The word &/and appears in the song 41 times.
* If you include the words it appears "within" (like "demand"), it appears in the song 45 times.
* Including the title of the album, song titles, & all repeated verses not listed in the lyrics, &/and appears a total of 121 times on [[Good & Evil]] (not including words it appears "within"). Phew!
{{Magic Lyrics}}
"Capitalist, communist": Bm F# F#7 Bm
"All Oh the things": Bm F# ==References=={{reflist}}

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