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'''Just A Friend''' is a song by the 1980's hip-hop artist Biz Markie, this that [[Tally Hall]] is known well for covering. This cover is sung by [[Rob Cantor ]] during the verses and [[Zubin Sedghi ]] during the chorus. It is probably one of [[Tally Hall]]'s most well known covers, as they would often close concerts have been closing out shows with italmost since the band started. Originally recorded in In 2006, they finally recorded a studio version of it but decided not to not release it to the fans because they weren't happy with it. When asked about it in 2007, they had stated that they didn't believe it was very good in hindsight. Through a change of heart, they fixed some things they weren't happy with and decided to release it as a download for those who bought the 2008 album version [[Atlantic Records]] re-release of M.M.M.M[[Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum]].
=== Recording ===

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