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|name = Joe Hawley
|birth_date = September 23, 1982
|hometown = Bloomfield Hills, MI (???)
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|residence = Brooklyn, NY
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|yearsActive = 2002-Current
=== "Where's Joe?" Controversy of 2010 ===
In March of 2010, Joe was not present for the tour with [[Jukebox The Ghost]] and [[Skybox]]. [[Casey Shea]] filled in for Joe (vocals and guitar) whilst wearing a black necktie. The band would tell the crowds that due to unforeseen circumstances, Joe had to back out of the tour at the last minute and nothing was said after that. It was very curious, though, because in the months leading up to this surprise, Joe cleared out his [[Twitter]] posts and deleted (or well-hid) his [[Facebook]] page. The March tour went on and more questions arose than answers. It was discovered that Joe was in fine health, however, but no one was saying anything about his absence. Months went by and in September of 2010, a show at Denison University occurred with Casey Shea in lieu of Joe once again. This controversy began feeding the anger amongst fans who were already riled up over the delayed release of [[Good & amp; Evil]], which had its ETA pushed back multiple times.
October 2010 brought more curious change to the as-yet-untold story of Joe Hawley and his involvement with the band. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The short story there is that his lease was up in Brooklyn and a friend of his was moving to Nashville and invited Joe to stay with him. He took the opportunity, though there's no telling how permanent or temporary this move is or how it will impact the relationship with Tally Hall, which, is already under immense scrutiny at this point. The long story is probably not something the public will know for awhile, if ever.
The following is an alphabetical compilation of the [[Tally Hall]] songs Joe Hawley has written or helped to write:
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