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'''Hidden In The Sand''' is the "Ultimate Tally Hall Fan Headquarters". Often abbreviated "HITS", it is a comprehensive fan site that is run independently by [[User:Coz|Coz Baldwin]]. The site has continually been a cornucopia of information for new fans who like Tally Hall but don't know where to start. The site often updates through its blog and a twitter account. It also contains the recently made [[Tally Hallmanac]], a fan-run wiki about the band.
The site officially launched on April 2nd, 2006 with a light blue body topped with a hand drawn beach scene, with blank-faced figures wearing multi-colored ties sticking out from the sand.
In the words of Coz, <&lt;blockquote><&lt;em>"I didn't want this to be a typical fan site. I felt it was important that the content was fan-driven as much as possible. It's not a knock-off of the official site, like many fan sites are. It's quite literally the fan's site. The one-stop shop where you can get all the information you need in one place. If the content you want isn't there, the fan puts it there. From buddy icons, to avatars, to photos and videos. The FAQ was an original part of the site. It was intended to answer any questions people had and allow new ones to be added by the people using the site. This is a Grand Central Station of Tally Hall information."<&lt;/em><&lt;/blockquote>
The site is constantly evolving. Some ideas stick, some ideas don't. Reviews and articles were dropped due to the simple fact that Tally Hall's popularity grew. At the time, the mentions were few and far between so it was easy to keep them all together and there was necessity in doing so. Now you'll find pages upon pages of results when you search for Tally Hall. The LiveJournal community continues to exist but is rarely updated.


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