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|title = Labyrinth
|albumart = <!Hawaiipartii-- The filename of the (obviously already uploaded) photo, such as hellocover2.jpg (optional) -->
|writer = Joe Hawley
|singer = Shane Maux, Charlene Kaye
'''Labyrinth''' is a song by [[Joe Hawley]], Shane Maux and Charlene Kaye, sung by Shane Maux and Charlene Kaye. It is the 8th track on [[Hawaii: Part II]]. The music is based on a section of [[The Mind Electric]].
===Labyrinth Video & Video Game===
[[File:12004753_872933276124530_6338021307030290278_n.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Labyrinth Video Game Promotional Image]]
On August 23rd, 2014 the official Miracle Musical twitted tweeted a date: "12.13.14", the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards <ref>[ Hidden In The Sand]</ref>
On the teased date of 13th of December 2014, a music video for Labyrinth was released to YouTube<ref>[ Labyrinth Youtube Video]</ref> and a PC based video game which went by the same name, developed by Wonderfling Studios was also released.<ref>[ Wonderfling Tumblr]</ref>
The music video was directed by Ben Luce who also worked closely with the producers at Wonderfling studios over the course of the game's production.
The game is a top-down 2d adventure, wherein you play as Shane MauX, adventuring and trying to escape the labyrinth. The game is played with the directional arrow keys, with "z" swinging the sword (once you obtain it). The player's health is indicated by a rainbow, which loses colours as the player takes damage. The game is in the retro style of the music video, and it's soundtrack was later released as [[Hawaii Partii]]
The game has 3 Levels:
1. Cave / Open Mic<br>
2. Caldera of Confusion<br>
3. Fortress of Misfortune
On April 1st, 2015 an email was sent to those who were subscribed to the ミラクルミュージカル mailing list, which had the title of '''"Hawaii: Part II" - The Game'''. The email read:
<blockquote><i>"Greetings Space-Time Traveler,<br>
In case you missed it, the wizards at Wonderfling Studios hath conjured a Hawaii: Part II video game*<br>
The game has been updated since its initial 12.13.14 release, which accompanied this relatively fresh content:
• A COMPLEMENTARY "Labyrinth" music video •<br>
• AN "Isle unto Thyself" music video •<br>
• "Candle on the Water" (A PETE'S DRAGON REFERENCE) •
To discover more,<br>
please visit
Kind regards,<br>
On March 31st, 2015 there was a "substantial" update to the game<ref>[ Update #1 Miracle Musical's facebook page.]</ref> and on September 13th, 2015, there was a second update, allowing for users to play the game on Mac OS X<ref>[ Update Facebook Post]</ref>
On December 31st, 2015 an album of 8-bit versions of songs from Hawaii: Part II was released as "Hawaii Partii". A version of the album was originally downloaded with the game, but was uploaded to bandcamp for purchase. A version of Labyrinth features on the album as: [[Labyrinth (8-Bit)]]<ref>[ Hawaii Partii. Bandcamp.]</ref>
On July 22nd, 2017. YouTube user "Albert Q." uploaded a video of them speed-running the game in 17 minutes.<ref>[ "Labyrinth (Speed Run)". Albert Q. YouTube.]</ref>
As of 5th Dec, 2018, the game has been taken off the wonderfling website<ref>[ Wonderfling link for the game (broken)]</ref>
words about potential meanings for this song
=== Trivia ===
everything else * Despite it being on Wikipedia's list of words without rhymes Shane Maux rhymes the word "purple" with "hurdles" and "circles" in the first verse of the song. <ref>[ Wikipedia list of words without rhymes]</ref><ref>[ Labyrinth Lyrics. Facebook. Photo.]</ref>* [[Ross Federman]] and Shane MauX had worked together before, as Ross co-produced Shane's 'The Good Company EP'<ref>[ Shane MauX The Good Company EP. Bandcamp.]</ref> and In 2013 Ross remixed a song for Charlene Kaye<ref>[ I Dream an Ocean (Ross Federman Remix). Charlene Kaye Remix.]</ref>
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