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[[File:Sargasm_promo.jpg|200px|thumb|right|anonyMous Promo Photo]]'''anonyMous''' was a comedy troupe that [[Joe Hawley]] founded in the fall of 2002 while attending the University of Michigan. [[Rob ]] was also a member, as were a couple other friendly faces we see scattered around Tally Hall's [[Definitive Tally Hall Video List|videos]], such as [[Rick Lax]].
In fact, many of [[Tally Hall]]'s earlier videos were actually taken from a movie called [[Sargasm]], which was a 45-minute long compilation of anonyMous sketches<ref name="metrotimes">[] discusses the contents of Sargasm</ref>, all directed by Joe Hawley and released in the spring of 2003. The film was shown at the Michigan Theater and was described by Joe as like "‘Saturday Night Live,’ only funny."<ref name="michigandaily">[]'s feature on Sargasm playing at The Michigan Theater</ref>
Most people became familiar with '''anonyMous''' after watching the music video for [[Break It Down]], which is often credited to [[Tally Hall]], even though it technically is not a Tally Hall song. However, in 2006, [[Tally Hall]] did rewrite this song, adding in a chorus and basically made it into a standard pop song. They played it a couple times, but it quickly disappeared from their set. No word on if it will re-appear but it does seem to be a favorite amongst fans.
http[[File://|200px|thumb|right|anonyMous Promo Photo]]===Members===*[[Joe Hawley]]*[[Rob Cantor]]*[[Rick Lax]]*[[Ryan Scott]]*[[Tom Liu]]*[[Brandon Hall]] ===Footnotes===<references/Content?oid=2175846>

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