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Moved some Joe Hawley covers to be correctly categorized as "Recorded", alphabetized the "Recorded" category.
* Praise You (by Fatboy Slim)
* Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka)
* Since I Don't Have You (by The Skyliners)
* Sleigh Ride (by The Ronettes)
* Space Oddity (by David Bowie)
* Stand By Me (by Ben E. King)
* The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (by The Beatles)
* To Be with You (by Mr. Big)
* White Rabbit (by Jefferson Airplane)
* Who Loves The Sun (by The Velvet Underground)
* Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (by The Beatles)
= Recorded =
* [[Club Can't Handle Me]] (by Flo Rida) feat. [[Casey Shea]]
* [[Just A Friend]] (by Biz Markie)
* [[Since I Don't Have You]] (by The Skyliners)
* [[Smile Like You Mean It]] (by The Killers)
* [[Just A FriendWhite Rabbit]] (by Biz MarkieJefferson Airplane, with Grace Slick)* [[Club Can't Handle Me]] (by Flo Rida) feat. [[Casey Shea]]
* [[Why Bother?]] (by Rivers Cuomo)
* [[Sleigh Ride Invincibility Star]] (originally "Sleigh Ride", by The Ronettes)


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