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The lyrics to M54 by Cojum Dip
These lyrics are not official. Words in curly brackets are questionable in accuracy. You may discuss lyrical possibilities in the Discussion page by clicking the Discussion link above.
To find my cranium
a life filled with {chisment}
I'll never get this far

Yo my name is {bodour} and I'm made of guano
Don't mistake my multi-label Jabberwocky {four-flow}
Was born in deep space; hair is poison-laced
When I sneeze somewhere a baby grows knees on its face
Swore to save the streets from evil wrong-doers
And by that I mean I stab myself with shish kebab skewers
I've turned my share of bodies into Tunisian {grouchents}
Stealing {autho rings} from catacombs to roaring {kids'} dismay

I gotta package up your soul leave it at the golf course
I tried to shave your mom but it was tough 'cuz she's a horse
Thirty-eight twelve twenty-six thirty-two
I like chocolate
So do you

Everybody say "Oh Dip." (Oh Dip!)
Darling dear, won't you play that funky clip?
I was raised by bears and a rusty chainsaw
I get a boner every time I see a broken seesaw
{Mobojets} aww-ee-aww-ee-aww-ee-aww-ee-awww

I cannot find it
And there's a reason why
I see the {pathids}
It's just my time
{And I'll rebind me}
{anita will} go there
It's an illusion
{But I'm not mad.}


(Bagpipe interlude)


"Two day flow, that's what it is."



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