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* [[Bora Karaca]] (aka Bodur the Clumsy - Vocals, Accordion)
|pastMembers = <span></span>
* Cork Brian McCorkle (aka Mumutits the Sour - Guitar, Saw)* Matt Sever (aka Udabn the Feared - Bass)* Jake Jacob Hurley (aka Mumutits the Sour Laurence - Guitar)* Blake Gower (aka Captain No the Love Machine - Drums)}}
'''Cojum Dip''' is an experimental metal/jazz/opera/rock band started by [[Bora Karaca]] in Ann Arbor, MI around 2004. They gained some popularity in the AA area and had one of the most insane, entertaining live acts of all time. Unfortunately, after their last concert at [[The Blind Pig]] where the band covered [[Inside The Mind Of Simon]], Bora moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and the band was put on hold.


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